(Prep + Cook Time: 49 minutes | Servings: 2)

Nutrition Facts (Per Serving):
Calories: 509   
Protein: 10g   
Carbs: 46g   
Fat: 24g   
Fiber: 1g   

3 oz. Challah bread   
1 big egg
1 cup water   
1/2 cup milk   
1/3 cup chocolate chips   
3 tbsp. sugar   
1 tbsp. butter   
1/4 tsp. vanilla   
1/4 tsp. instant espresso powder   

1- In a bowl; mix the eggs, milk, vanilla and sugar until foamy.   
2- Melt the butter with all the espresso powder and mix inside the bowl.
3- Soak the bread on this mixture for 30 minutes.   
4- Fold in chocolate chips. Grease 2 ramekins with butter.   
5- Pour pudding evenly into both ramekins.   
6- Pour water within your pressure cooker and insert the trivet.   
7- Put the ramekins across the trivet and seal the lid.   
8- Hit *Chicken/Meat* and adjust cook time for it to 14 minutes.   
9- When time increased; hit *Cancel* and quick-release the stress. If you desire a really crispy top, stick the ramekins within the broiler to get a few minutes.