(Prep + Cook Time: 35 minutes | Servings: 6)

Nutrition Facts (Per Serving):  
Calories: 750   
Carbohydrate: 4.3g   
Protein: 127.5g   
Fat: 19.9g   
Sugar: 4.4g   

Ingredients :
2 lbs. chicken thighs; boneless   
3 lbs. red potatoes; quartered   
2 tablespoons extra virgin organic olive oil   
1/4 cup fresh fresh lemon juice   
3/4 cup chicken broth   
2 tablespoons Italian seasoning   
3 tablespoons Dijon mustard   
Salt and pepper   

1- Select the *Meat/Chicken* mode regarding the Power Pressure Cooker XL and hang up for fifteen minutes.
2- Add all from the Ingredients to the heating pot.   
3- Secure the lid and turn the stress knob for your closed position.   

4- Once done; release the stress completely and take away the lid. Stir well and serve warm.